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Cancer is a serious personal and public health issue in America, and an estimated 1,735,350 new cases are diagnosed every year. At Candela and Schreier Medical Corporation in West Hills, California, while also serving the San Fernando Valley, Dr. Frank Candela and Dr. David Schreier offer surgical solutions for many types of cancer and can help you make the most of your health and wellness. If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, schedule a consultation to learn more about the services available. Try the convenient online scheduling function, or reach the office by phone to book your visit.

Other Cancers & Tumors

Cancer is not a single disease, but a collection of diseases that shares certain characteristics. The one thing that links all forms of cancer together is abnormal cell division that intrudes into nearby tissue types.

During normal function, your cells grow and divide to produce new cells when needed. As your cells age or sustain damage they die, and newly produced cells take their place. When cancer is present, cells begin to divide when they’re not needed, and some of the older or damaged cells don’t die when the time comes. All those extra cells can form growths called tumors, although not all forms of cancer lead to tumors.

As tumors grow they can intrude on nearby tissues and cause damage. Malignant tumors spread into nearby tissues, and some of the cancerous cells can break away and travel to distant areas of your body, where they form new tumors.

There is a strong genetic basis for developing cancer. If you have one or more close family members who’ve had cancer, you have a higher risk of developing cancer.

Researchers know that environmental factors also increase your risk of developing cancer. Exposure to known cancer-causing substances like radiation, ultraviolet rays, tobacco smoke, and certain chemicals increase your risk of cancer.

Many people develop cancer as a result of their occupation. Working in an industry that includes frequent exposure to certain metal compounds, asbestos fibers, plastic chemicals, and polynuclear hydrocarbons can increase your risk level.

Your treatment path is unique to your specific cancer and your overall health. You also have the right to select a treatment path that aligns with your personal preferences.

Some of the more common treatments include:

  • Radiation, which aims to kill targeted cancer cells and shrink tumors
  • Chemotherapy, which aims to kill cancer with advanced drugs
  • Immunotherapy, which seeks to help your immune system fight off cancer
  • Targeted therapy, which focuses on fighting the cellular changes that support cancer
  • Hormone therapy, which alters your hormonal balance to slow breast or prostate cancer
  • Surgery, which aims to remove tumors and cancerous cells from the body

If your cancer specialist recommends surgery as a treatment option, schedule a consultation to discuss the available options and find a solution that works for your specific needs. You can book your visit by phone or online.

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