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Gallbladder surgery, also called cholecystectomy, is often the only way to relieve the recurring pain of gallstones. At Candela and Schreier Medical Corporation, Dr. Frank Candela and Dr. David Schreier perform cholecystectomy to help patients in Agoura Hills, West Hills, Calabasas, and surrounding San Fernando Valley and Simi Valley area, have relief without future concerns for dietary indiscretion. To explore what this common surgical procedure can do to improve your quality of life, schedule a consultation today at one of their two locations in West Hills California, while also serving the San Fernando Valley. Online scheduling is available, or you’re always welcome to stop by the office or call to set up your visit.

Cholecystectomy Q & A

A cholecystectomy is a surgical procedure to remove your gallbladder. It’s a common surgery and has a low risk of complications. Most men and women are able to go home the same day of their procedure.

A cholecystectomy is often the best treatment course for:

  • Gallstones located in your bile duct
  • Gallstones in your gallbladder
  • Gallbladder inflammation
  • Pancreas inflammation caused by gallstones

If you need surgery, your doctor works with you to determine whether open surgery or a laparoscopic procedure is the best course of action.

Your gallbladder is part of your digestive system. It works to store bile that’s manufactured by your liver. When you eat a fatty meal, your gallbladder responds by releasing bile, which breaks down dietary fats and helps your body absorb them.

If your gallbladder ceases to function or is surgically removed, your body can no longer store a stockpile of bile. But that doesn’t mean that your liver will cease producing bile or that your body won’t be able to effectively process dietary fat. That process will just take place in more of a gradual, rather than an on-demand, fashion.

Once you arrive at the hospital an IV is placed to deliver fluids and medication directly into your circulatory system. You’ll be sedated throughout the procedure, and a ventilator will help you breathe.

Your surgeon makes a small incision in your abdomen. The laparoscope, a thin, flexible tube equipped with a light and camera, and surgical tools are inserted through the same incision.

Your abdomen is inflated with gas to increase the available space and help your surgeon get a better view of your gallbladder. Then, your surgeon uses specialized tools to remove your gallbladder and check the surrounding area for abnormalities.

Once you’re awake and alert you may be able to go home the same day of your surgery. Gentle exercise like walking will help your body heal, and you’ll need to take care of your incision site to prevent infection.

You should be able to return to your normal routines around a week after surgery. Any stitches can be removed during your follow-up visit.

If you have questions or concerns about cholecystectomy, schedule a consultation at Candela and Schreier Medical Corporation today, either through the online tool or by phone.

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