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For many women, the aesthetic outcomes of breast cancer treatment are a significant concern. At Candela and Schreier Medical Corporation in West Hills and Thousand Oaks, California, while also serving the San Fernando Valley, Dr. Frank Candela and Dr. David Schreier incorporate oncoplastic surgery into procedures that remove breast tissue, helping improve the aesthetics of the breasts while also preserving your health. If you have questions about the role of oncoplastic surgery in your treatment plan, schedule an appointment today, either online or by phone.

Oncoplastic Surgery Q & A

Oncoplastic surgery is a combination of oncological surgery and plastic surgery, with a focus on removing all cancerous or abnormal tissue while taking steps to preserve the appearance of the breasts. It’s an approach that requires a blend of art and science, and an area of specialty at Candela and Schreier Medical Corporation.

The amount of tissue removed during your procedure depends on the location of the abnormal tissue, the size of the area of concern, and whether you have a high risk of your cancer spreading to other areas of your body.

In most cases a conservative approach is taken, removing as little tissue as possible. In a lumpectomy, the lump or tumor is removed along with a small portion of healthy tissue surrounding the abnormality. With mastectomy, a far larger volume of tissue is removed, but every effort is made to preserve the right amount of skin and nipple tissue to create an aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Your specialist works with you to determine the best oncoplastic surgical approach. The first priority is always removing all cancerous cells. Dr. Schreier and Dr. Candela understand, however, that the aesthetic end result of breast surgery is also very important.

There are a number of techniques your surgeon can use to achieve the best possible outcome. The right approach is one that takes into consideration the location of your tumor, the size and shape of your breasts, and your overall health.

Some techniques used in oncoplastic surgery include:

  • Breast lift, where excess skin is removed and the remaining skin is sutured together to create a more lifted and firm breast
  • Breast reduction, where excess tissue and skin are removed to reduce the overall size and shape of the breasts
  • Nipple repositioning
  • Flap procedures, where tissue from other areas of your body is used to create a more natural-looking breast shape

If your procedure requires removing a substantial portion of breast tissue, the healthy breast is also augmented to create balance and symmetry.

If you’re preparing for breast surgery and have questions about the role that oncoplastic surgery might play in your treatment, book an appointment at Candela and Schreier Medical Corporation today. You can set up your visit by phone or try the easy online scheduling tool.

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