Hernia Surgery

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What is a Hernia

A hernia is a tear in the muscle that allows tissue from inside the abdomen to protrude into the surrounding fat. Usually this occurs in the groin or umbilicus, but can also occur in an area of a previous operation. A hernia repair carefully places tissue that is protruding through the opening in the abdominal wall back into the abdominal cavity, and strengthens the weakened or torn muscle that allowed it to pass through. Generally, some form of mesh or biologic material is used to help strengthen the weakened tissues.

Hernia Repair Recovery

The goal of this procedure is to repair and strengthen tissue in the abdominal wall so that the intestines or other organs cannot push through the wall and cause another hernia. Recovery from hernia repair may vary depending on the size of the treated hernia. Patients are usually treated as an outpatient or will stay overnight after their procedure. Certain amounts of tenderness, swelling and bruising are to be expected after abdominal hernia repair, but patients should notify their doctor if they experience fever, bleeding or severe pain.

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